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Man falls from train, runs 7km

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A man fell off the Moscow-Neryungri train and survived in -40 Celcius frost having walked 7 kilometers to the nearest populated place. He had only trousers, slippers and a T-shirt on him.

The 42-year-old resident of the city of Bratsk was traveling by train from Moscow to Neryungri, a town in Sakha Republic, in Russia's Siberia.

After a cigarette in a vestibule he confused the doors and making a step to the darkness found himself on rails. For some reason the outside door of vestibule hadn't been locked during the journey.

As the result, the passenger wearing sweats, slippers and a T-shirt fell on rails in a freezing air temperature. Failing to catch up with the train he didn't lose hope but run 7 kilometers along the railroad in taiga to reach Richard Sorge railway station, where he was shown relevant help.

Local transport police is investigating the case. The train conductor may face serious charges as he might have forgotten to lock the vestibule door.


January 18 2013, 12:23

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