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​Ambassador: Finland welcomes and appreciates Kazakhstan's move to cancel visa regime for Finnish citizens

December 14 2015, 17:01

Image 0Ambassador of Finland in Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Ilkka Raisanen in an interview with AKIpress said that his country welcomes and appreciates Kazakhstan's move to cancel visa regime for the Finnish citizens.

Answering the AKIpress question whether Finland is considering visa regime faciliation for Kazakhstan he said: "Finland belongs to the Schengen group of countries where we would be looking forward to seeing possibilities how to start the visa-facilitation discussions with Kazakhstan, but that would need a joint decision with the other member states."

Earlier in November, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Alexei Volkov said that Kazakhstan prioritizes the work on facilitation of the visa regime with the EU countries as the sides are signing the new expanded partnership deal.

He reminded that Kazakhstan has granted visa-free entry to the citizens from U.S., the Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, UAE, South Korea and Japan from July 15, 2014 to July 15, 2015 as these countries have higher potential for doing investment activities in Kazakhstan.

"This year, the list has been extended for another ten countries, including five EU countries: Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Finland," said the Deputy Minister.


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