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These new Kazakhstan flats are getting an insane ski slope on the roof

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Image 0We'd be happy with a small garden, but maybe we should dream bigger.

Because residents of this new development will soon be able to ski off their roof, down to the street below.

Architects behind the House Slalom project in the city of Almaty, in south-eastern Kazakhstan, this week unveiled their ambitious plans for a giant ski slope on the roof of the building.

The city often experiences long winters, with temperatures averaging around minus 20 degrees Celsius and cold weather typically lasting from November through to April.

So, it seems like a wasted opportunity not to have a ski slope on your roof right?Vladimir Ku, a member of the project team, said the fact that there were no ski slopes in the area was a key motivation for the project.

'It would be an instant hit for all the ski and snowboard lovers of Almaty,' he said of the 1,069.5 foot long course.

While we don't, fortunately, have the cold conditions they have in Kazakhstan, we reckon someone should definitely stick a dry ski slope on the top of a building somewhere.

In the meantime, we'll just have to improvise.

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December 2 2015, 17:47

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