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Support for Exploration Reduced in Kazakhstan

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Image 0This year 11 billion tenge has been allocated from the state budget for carrying out geological exploration in the territory of Kazakhstan. In the coming year only 3.2 billion tenge has been allocated out of the stated 17.3 billion. At the same time, 6.3 billion tenge was transferred to the regional governments for exploration and survey and assessment work in the framework of water accounting. At the same time survey and assessment work of hard minerals was underfunded in the amount of 2 billion tenge.

This information was reported on Tuesday November 24 by the deputy of the lower house of the Kazakh parliament Galina Baymahanova during the next plenary session of the Majilis, dedicated to the refinement of the state budget for the period 2015-2017. According to her, the country's budget is actually a litmus test, which reflects all the tactical and strategic moves of the government.

Galina Baymahanova sounded specific information concerning geological exploration. According to her, in 2015, 11 billion tenge has been allocated for exploration, and the works have begun. And in 2016 out the previously announced 17.3 billion tenge, only 3.2 billion has been allocated. The MP also added that according to the Ministry of Investment and Development, 6.3 billion tenge were transferred to local executive bodies for exploration and prospecting and assessment operations on water resources.

According to the parliamentarian, the Association of exploration production companies now has revised the program of the state geological studies, as well as the forecast of the results of its implementation. For example, these are projects for solid minerals carried out in 2015.

According to the deputy, saving two billion tenge may cause deterioration of the raw material security of the republic. "During all the years of independence, the national mineral resource complex with a built-in "free app" in the form of exploration worked in good faith to Kazakhstan. And their potential is by far not exhausted," - G.Baymahanova said.


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