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“Mobile Slavery” is Canceled in Kazakhstan

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Image 0The so-called "Mobile slavery" has been abolished in Kazakhstan by the new law "On Information", which was signed by the President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Wednesday, November 25. This document envisaged the continuation of the informatization of the country through the legislative introduction of an effective system of its organization meeting international standards. This is stated in the text of the informational message of the press service of the head of state, which also notes that a key provision of the new law is "the formation of the service model of information, open government and implementation of an architectural approach."

All this taken together will contribute to the further development and increasing the share of local content in the field of information and communication technologies, save the budget allocated for the purchase of equipment, licensed software and maintenance of information systems, enhance information literacy of the population and ensure the information security of state bodies .

In addition, from January1 next year, Kazakhstan will start the transfer of subscriber numbers, which will allow the citizens of the republic to change mobile operators while retaining the phone number. This rule is now enshrined in the law "On introduction amendments on Informatization to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan."

It is expected that this innovation will contribute to strengthening the competition of mobile operators for existing subscribers, will allow subscribers to renounce the use of additional SIM-cards, thereby reducing the cost of using mobile communication services.

Also, in the area of ICT common standards have been developed, including the field of information security. Now all government information, electronic systems and resources, as well as mission-critical facilities related to information and communication infrastructure have to meet these standards.


November 26 2015, 15:16

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