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​It is snowing in Atyrau …

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

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It was snowing today in Atyrau, it was the first snow this year and the first one in autumn…

It is too early for the frosty weather to come, but today we witnessed nearly a snowfall. Snowflakes various in sizes, some small, some big were falling silently through the air, like an overture to snow fantasia.

Unfortunately, the snowflakes instantly melted when they reached still the warm earth, but along the river embankment, where it is windy, they remained on the fallen leaves and where the green grass could be seen poking up through the flakes.

Local weather forecasters say that 'celestial chancellery' has already started preparing us for winter surprises. The cyclone that came last week to our region from northwest, brought with it rains and fogs, and today a snowfall. The cyclone will still stay here till the end of the week, so in the coming days there will be patchy rains, fogs and snowfalls. During the night the temperature is expected to fall to minus 2-5 C, and during the day the column on the thermometers will show 0-5 above-zero. In the morning hours black ice is expected, so please take every precaution to avoid falling and drive carefully.

It is also pleasant to know that our weather predictors happened to be error free in their forecasts and predicted the first snow in Atyrau today and it fell in accordance with their forecasts.

Photos of the first snow has already flooded social networks, accompanied with enthusiastic responses and comments: “Hurrah!!! First snow! It's a pity that … it melts immediately" or like this one: “I wish God will grant us white winter ❄❄❄".

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November 18 2015, 17:22

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