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2 suspects killed in Paris anti-terror raid, including woman who blew herself up

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Image 0Two armed terror suspects were killed, including a woman who blew herself up, during an ongoing police raid in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis for hunting down the 9th suspect of the Paris attacks, BFMTV reported Wednesday.

Three suspects have been arrested and three police officers suffered minor injuries since the raid started, it said, adding that a suspect is still resisting. A large number of soldiers also participated in the raid in Saint-Denis, where security is always an issue.

The report said that the operation targets Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Moroccan-origin Belgian jihadist believed to be the mastermind behind Friday night's attacks that killed at least 132 people.

Witnesses told BFMTV they have heard "explosions" and "gunshots" since 4:30 a.m. local time (0330 GMT). Gunshots were also clearly heard from the Xinhua office.

Gunshots and explosions were heard again around 7:28 a.m. local time (0628 GMT).

The raid was conducted not far from the French national stadium, Stade de France, where three suicide bombers blew themselves up last Friday night during a soccer match which French President Francois Hollande attended.

The operation was taking place in the "very center" of the city, Saint-Denis Mayor Didier Paillard told BFMTV, nothing that residents are advised to stay at home.

Public transport was suspended in the operation zone. Police also suggest people working in the area not go to work.

Residents of the building where the raid is underway are told to lie on the floor and not to apporach the windows.

Another key suspect, Salah Abdeslam, who might be one of the shooters in the attacks, is still at large.


November 18 2015, 15:25

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