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D.Abayev told about Kazakhstan's security measures due to terrorist attacks in the world

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Image 0Press Secretary to the President Dauren Abayev answered the question from "Interfax-Kazakhstan" news agency about security measures due to increased terrorism incidents in many countries on the official Facebook page of Akorda.

"Will Kazakhstan strengthen security measures due to increased terrorism incidents in many countries? Which states have supported the initiative of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to convene "Islam against terrorism" forum and to establish a worldwide network against this scourge? Is it planned to conduct the forum in the near future? " directed the questions Interfax-Kazakhstan" agency to Press Secretary.

"The terrorist attacks of the last few days have really become a serious signal to strengthen security for all countries. And we, as part of the international community can not turn a blind eye. I can unequivocally say that our intelligence agencies are actively working in this direction. It is closed to the public eye, many unaware of it, but this activity does not stop for a moment. It also should be noted that cooperation with the security agencies of other countries against terrorism was intensified.

As for the forum "Islam against terrorism", we continue to receive support from the leaders of different countries. It is early to say about the specific date of the Forum and its format, as organizational work is in preparation," said D.Abayev.


November 17 2015, 12:10

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