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Two days at the factories, two days in the villages

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Today, on January 14, Vice Speaker-Chairman of Majilis of  RoK Parliament Sergey Dyachenko (on a photo) paid a working trip to Atyrau Oblast. The trip is scheduled for 4 days.

 The visit of the honored guest traditionally started with the visit of Chevron’s polyethylene pipe plant. Then he visited Rauan Nalko plant for production of chemical reagents for petroleum industry and Каzturboremont plant.

During the trip to all these companies, Vice Speaker- Chairman demanded to speak to the workers. He asked the workers about their salaries and social packages. Considering that he visited rather trouble-free companies, he was satisfied with what he heard. The sizes of salaries voiced by the workers amounted to 110 000 - 250 000 tenge.

Unlike other accompanying him members of Majilis (see “Parliamentary visit”), who grouped aside with detachment, Dyachenko remembered about the purpose of the working trip – an explanation of the president’s message. The day ended with participation of Vice Speaker-Chairman in the oblast core group meeting. This time the corruption heritage issue of a former oblast administration has been avoided. Sergey Aleksandrovich casually noted about incomplete construction projects. And noting the achievements of a new administration, he mentioned the organization of hot meals for schoolchildren, releaving the veterans of war from payment of utility fees, discount public transport tickets for students.

Tomorrow, on January 15, members of parliament will have a meeting at Atyrau University, then they meet with the medical workers, Atyrau Refinery employees and Brando plant for production of disposable syringes. For January 16 and 17, the parliamentary team is planning to travel to Issatai and Makhambet districts. If those who have urgent questions to the elected people’s deputies, then the team is staying at Renaissance hotel, providing they have not reinforced the security.

By Laura Suleimenova

Photos by the author


January 15 2013, 10:19

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