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​More than 35.8 thousand labour permits issued to foreigners as of October 1

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Image 035 813 work permits to foreigners have been issued in Kazakhstan as of October 1 2015, said Birzhan Nurymbetov, Vice Minister of Health Care and Social Development.

"As of October 1 35 813 work permits for foreigners have been issued. Of them about 64% are highly qualified workers, i.e. top managers, managers, specialists, 36%- are qualified workers and seasonal foreign workers," he said in the interview to the site
He reminded, there is a system of quoting and work permits issuing for the working power in Kazakhstan.
"In 2015 the Government fixed the quota for foreign labour power attraction to 0.7% of economically gainful population. It's about 63 000 people," he said.

Source: kaztag

November 6 2015, 18:29

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