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Kazakhtelecom and Tele2 unify mobile operators in Kazakhstan

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Image 0Kazakhtelecom and Tele 2 will unify the mobile operators in Kazakhstan, reports the national communications operator.

"Kazakhtelecom and Tele2 Group have agreed to unify the affiliated mobile operators Altel (brand Altel 4G) and Mobile Telecom-Service (brand Tele2). The unified operator will strengthen the positions of both companies on the market of Kazakhstan and open new opportunities for the customers," the message reports.
The partnership between Kazakhtelecom and Tele2 Group meets the strategic interests of the parties in creation of a strong third player on Kazakhstani market.
"The operators' unification will provide considerable volume of potential synergies; it has a chance to take a leading position on the market. The subscribers' base of the new operator will be more than 7 mln people, more than 20% of the market share," the message reports.

Source: kaztag

November 5 2015, 10:55

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