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No scores in Astana v Atlético match

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Image 0The first half of Astana-Atletico Champions League match ended in a draw, reports.

It should be noted that in the 1st HT "Astana" did not yield to the Spanish opponent and made several goal attempts. However, both teams spent this stage just giving the ball to each other.

"Astana" earned 500 thousand euros for the game against Madrid "Atletico" in a match of the 4th round of a group round of the Champions League that ended in a draw.

According to UEFA regulations, the points earned at the group stage bring to team additional bonus: the victory is estimated at 1,5 million euros,and the draw — at 500 thousand. Thus, for four matches "Astana" filled up its budget with 1 million euros (in the second round the Kazakhstan team drew with "Galatasaray").

Transalted by Zeena Urynbassarova

November 4 2015, 02:11

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