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Billionaire Jim Rogers flirting with an idea of investing in Kazakhstan

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Image 1Famous American billionaire and investor Jim Rogers is flirting with an idea of investing in Kazakhstan. He said it today while moderating the general session of the 6th Astana Invest-2015 international investment forum in Kazakhstan's capital city.

The theme of the general session is "The Potential of Astana's Investment Environment Development."

"I have read and heard a lot about Astana. They say Astana is a beautiful city and now I can confirm it. I have never seen the beat of it - neither in Brazil nor in Washington. None of the world capital cities can be compared with Astana. What you are doing here cannot be found anywhere. And I am interested in how you achieved such results? Over the past several years Kazakhstan and its main city Astana have changed greatly," noted Jim Rogers.

"I am an international investor and now I think if I should invest in Kazakhstan or not. We see what the government does for Astana. Kazakhstan has hosted six economic forums. For the first time the investment forum was separated from it [Astana Economic Forum - editor] due to which we will have more time and more opportunities to talk namely about investment. It is high time to invest in Kazakhstan. Indeed, your country has great opportunities to move ahead and boost development," he added.

Jim Rogers is an international investment expert, businessman and author.

Source: Photo: tengrinews

October 29 2015, 12:27

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