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“KZ: Alleged Injustice Provokes Self-Immolation Suicide”, “KZ, Japan to implement 10 projects worth $700 mln”, “Kazakhstan, Russia Expand Bullion Holdings as Mexico Cuts Back”, “Trove of copper coins dated XVII century discovered in South Kazakhstan”, “Th

1 737 просмотрs “Kazakhstan: Alleged Injustice Provokes Self-Immolation Suicide" - A young man in southern Kazakhstan has committed suicide by setting himself alight in a gesture intended to draw attention to what he said was the injustice he has suffered at the hands of the police. The desperate act bears echoes of a similar self-immolation by a street vendor in Tunisia in 2010, which sparked a wave of protests that led to the toppling of that country's long-term president. Yerlan Bektibayev, 20, set himself on fire on October 24 in front of the local headquarters of the ruling Nur Otan party in Taraz. The town was the center of much official coverage earlier this month, when it hosted celebrations to mark what Kazakhstan's authorities say was the 550th anniversary of Kazakh statehood. Those festivities were designed in part to help shore up support for President Nursultan Nazarbayev. “Kazakhstan, Japan to implement 10 projects worth $700 mln" - Kazakhstan and Japan plan to implement another 10 projects totaling US$ 700 million, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said during the expanded format meeting with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe on October 27. Abe arrived in Kazakhstan within his Mongolia and Central Asia tour. Kazakhstan, Russia Expand Bullion Holdings as Mexico Cuts Back" - Kazakhstan increased its gold reserves for a 36th month in September as Russia and Ukraine added to their holdings, according to data published by the International Monetary Fund. Kazakhstan purchased 3.22 metric tons to take its stash to about 213.46 tons, while Russia boosted holdings to 1,352.22 tons from about 1,317.73 tons, data on the IMF's website showed. Ukraine expanded its reserves to 27.06 tons as Mexico cut them for a 15th month, the figures showed. Turkey pared holdings to 504.5 tons in September from 517.6 tons the previous month.

kaztag – “Trove of copper coins dated XVII century discovered in South Kazakhstan" - A trove of old coins has been found in the time of digging in the South Kazakhstan Oblast, said Yerbolat Smagulov, head of Turkistan expedition. "A trove of ancient coins has been found in the time of digging in the South Kazakhstan Oblast. The expedition is going to learn the circumstances of the trove making. Probably, people left these coins when they were leaving the city, waiting for the better time to get back," he said. The weight makes almost 25 kg. According to preliminary data the coins were kept in the ancient farm yard on the territory of Sauran town almost for almost 300 years. The coins depict Grigoiy the Winner and the sign of the Moscow mint.

kaztag - “There are more than 520 efficient subsoil use contracts in Kazakhstan”- There are more than 520 efficient subsoil use contracts in Kazakhstan, reports the Ministry on Investments and Development. "136 new contracts on underground waters, solid minerals, except uranium and coal, have been concluded (in the past 5 years-KazTAG). As of today there are totally 523 contracts," he said. In the past 5 years Kazakhstan terminated 191 contracts due to liabilities ignorance. According to the Ministry, in the past 5 years more than 670 projects have been considered and confirmed, with liabilities of subsoil users to more than $27 bln. The first phase of reforms in the field of geology and subsoil use has been successfully fulfilled.

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