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​Kazakhstan to improve quality of asphalt concrete

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Image 0Kazakhstan has launched production of modified bitumen - a component of asphalt concrete, which gives pavement resistance to dynamic and thermal stress, elasticity, prevents distortion during the traffic circulation, according to service on public relations of the Kazakh company KazMunaiGas Processing and Marketing.

CASPI BITUM Aktau bitumen plant launched a unit for the production of modified bitumen with a capacity of 120,000 tons per year and released the first pilot batch of the product.

Modified bitumen is produced by injection of SBS polymer component (modifier) into the oil bitumen. The presence of polymer increases the operating temperature range of the roadway to 100 C, which increases its durability. As a result, the service life of the road surface increases by 1.5-2 times.

“High-quality road surface will enhance the capacity of highways of Kazakhstan by increasing the interrepair cycle and optimization of the maintenance process," the report said.

The modified bitumen became the fourth one in the list of new oil products, utilized by the enterprises KMG-PM JSC this year after the reformate, benzene and paraxylene produced by the Atyrau refinery.

Aktau bitumen plant was commissioned in December 2013. Oil from Karazhanbas serves as the raw material for the production of bitumen.

CASPI BITUM plant is a joint venture of KMG-PM JSC and CITIC Kazakhstan LLP, created on a parity basis.


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