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“Cristina Kirchner: end of an era in Argentina”Argentina”, “City will be like Astana: Chandrababu Naidu", “No Agreement To Cut Oil Output At Russia's Meeting With OPEC”, “KZ's gap in balance of payments hits $ 2.2B”, “Nuclear physicist Fidel Castro Diaz-B

1 709 просмотрs “Cristina Kirchner: end of an era in Argentina"Argentina" - Fiery, controversial Argentinian president leaves behind a divisive legacy - and questions over Alberto Nisman's murder. Cristina Kirchner, the fiery, unbending president who has dominated Argentine politics for 12 years along with her late husband Nestor, leaves a divisive legacy as the country elects her successor Sunday. To her working-class base, Kirchner and her husband are the saviors who salvaged the economy after Argentina's 2001 crisis and stood up for the little guy against bullies both foreign and domestic. “City will be like Astana: Chandrababu Naidu" - Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu has said Amaravati will be “tomorrow's land" like another Astana, Kazakh-stan's capital. In a recent exclusive interview to Deccan Chronicle, he said the Public Private Partnership model of Ast-ana would be followed for Amaravati. Mr Naidu said, “We have to offer land to the investors and attract them, like what they did in Astana. All private investors were attracted to it. A private entity may set up a convention centre when land is offered to it. The government will in turn get taxes and will benefit due to the business activity." “No Agreement To Cut Oil Output At Russia's Meeting With OPEC"- Ameeting between Russia, Kazakhstan, and OPEC members in Vienna did not produce an agreement to cut oil production to try to bolster sagging prices, officials say. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) invited eight nonmember states to the talks, and Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil agreed to go. “Kazakhstan's gap in balance of payments hits $ 2.2B" - A current account balance with a red ink of $ 2.2 billion was observed in Kazakhstan in January-September 2015, the National Bank of Kazakhstan said Oct. 21. The trade balance was observed with a surplus of $ 7.9 billion. The exports of goods amounted to $24.9 billion, while imports of goods amounted to $17.1 billion. The balance of international services was observed with a deficit of $ 2.3 billion. A red ink of $1.3 billion was observed in the foreign direct investments in January-September 2015. “Nuclear physicist Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart visits Kazakhstan" - Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, scientific adviser to the Cuban president and a nuclear physicist, is in Kazakhstan for a private visit after receiving an invitation from the government, EFE has learned. The son of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has visited many scientific and technical facilities dedicated to the development of environmental and biotechnology projects.

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