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​Kazakhstan-based confectionery giant Rakhat to open chocolate factory in Shymkent

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Image 0Rakhat-Shymkent LLP, a subsidiary of Rakhat JSC, will open a chocolate factory in Shymkent on October 22, the company said in a release.

The planned annual production is 23,000 tons of confectionery per year. Reinvestment in this project amounted to 3.2 billion KZT.

Rakhat's net profit in the first half of 2015 amounted to 1.043 billion KZT against 942 million KZT in the same period last year increasing by 11.7%.

The main shareholder of Rakhat is a South Korean Lotte Confectionery (92.44%).

First Rakhat factory opened in 1942. It exports its products to many foreign countries including Russia, Germany, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Afghanistan.

Lotte Confectionery is part of Lotte Group founded in 1967 in Seoul, South Korea.

October 21 2015, 09:52

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