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​Kazakh cosmonaut A. Aimbetov awarded “People's Hero” title

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Image 0By the Decree of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, spaceman Aidyn Aimbetov is awarded the title of "Khalyk Kakharmany" (People's Hero) and the Order of Otan. The Decree enters into force when signed, the press service of the President informs.

"Successful flight of the first Kazcosmos cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov to the International Space Station opened a new page of Kazakhstan's space chronicles. We have joined the world's nine countries that sent three and more cosmonauts to space. This is a new start for space future of our country which actively participates in studying and exploring the solar system," Nursultan Nazarbayev said at the awarding ceremony in Akorda.

As the President noted, Khalyk Kakharmany title, Otan gold medal and the rank of pilot-cosmonaut are the highest state awards highlighting his heroic deed performed for the name and for the nation of Kazakhstan.

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The President thanked also everyone who contributed to ensuring Aimbetov's successful flight to the ISS as part of the international crew.
"I congratulate our people with the new peak conquered by Kazakhstan. From all my heart I would like to thank everyone who made a professional contribution to this great event in the history of modern Kazakhstan. I would like to extend special gratitude to our Russian partners, Russian leadership as well as foreign members of the expedition," Nazarbayev added.

Source: On photo: 1. Kazakh spaceman Aidyn Aimbetov. On photo 2: N. Nazarbayev with 3 Kazakh cosmonauts - Talgat Musabaev, Aidyn Aimbetov and Tokhtar Aubakirov.

October 14 2015, 15:56

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