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​Boat trips along the Ural River

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

Image 0During the celebration of the City Day the citizens of Atyrau were presented with new river boat for trips along the Ural river. Aksakals (old respected men) Esen Taskinbaev and Oryngali Karasaev cut the symbolical red ribbon and suggested to name it simply "Atyrau".

The boat built in Kazakhstan was bought by the regional government and Mayor's office and then transferred to trust management of "Amangeldy" fishing cooperative. All those who wish to have a boat trip, can enjoy that at the beginning of new navigation season.

- The boat is modern, comfortable, very maneuverable and protected from rain, – said the chairman of "Amangeldy" cooperative - Murat Amirgaliev. The capacity of the boat is 25 people. We plan to organize selling of soft drinks, small snacks for convenience of guests. But in order to follow safety measures we would ask the boat travelers to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking. Water tours will be strictly conducted according to the schedule, irrespective of number of passengers.

According to M. Amirgaliev, the boat will start its tours, most likely, closer to summer of next year.

He said that boat trips will be comfortable and at available price for the citizens.

The main mooring place for the boat will be the pier near "Atyrauski" sanatorium, but depending on the water level, the parking place may be changed to the pier located by the regional government building. Approximate route of the boat trip will be from the mooring point to Balykshi village, then back to Renko hotel and again to the mooring point.

October 6 2015, 11:24

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