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“Goodbye Dollar, Hello Altyn? In CIS, Possible Future Currency Has Rich Past”, “Why Are Commodity-Exporting Countries In Trouble?”, “Can Bill Gates Become the Richest American in History?”, “Sinopec Corp interested in hydrocarbon cooperation with KZ"

1 071 просмотрs “Goodbye Dollar, Hello Altyn? In Ex-Soviet Union, Possible Future Currency Has Rich Past"- When Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted a bill aimed to help de-dollarize the post-Soviet space, it came as no surprise for many in the former U.S.S.R. On August 28, Putin asked parliament to ratify a treaty among members of the Commonwealth of Independent States that would expand the use of their national currencies -- instead of the dollar or euro -- in foreign trade payments and financial services.

“Hard Times: Why Are Commodity-Exporting Countries In Trouble?" - Kazakhstan has enjoyed a decade and a half of growth by basing its economy on commodities exports. But now it may have to pay an unwelcome price for doing so. When the resource-rich Central Asian country decided last week to let its currency float freely without government intervention to prop up its exchange rate, the Kazakh tenge promptly lost 25 percent of its value against the dollar. “Can Bill Gates Become the Richest American in History?"- It seems possible, if not probable, that Bill Gates will ultimately become the richest American ever.Bill Gates is the richest person in the world today, but he isn't the richest person in American history. That honor goes to John D. Rockefeller, the late founder and largest shareholder of Standard Oil. Gates is worth $79.5 billion right now. “Sinopec Corp interested in hydrocarbon cooperation with Kazakhstan"- Chinese businessmen are interested in cooperation with Kazakhstan partners, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sinopec Corp Wang Yupu said at the 10th Eurasian Forum “KAZENERGY" in Astana on September 30.

September 30 2015, 14:41

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