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Whistle blowing to be encouraged in Kazakhstan

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A relevant decree was signed on August 23, 2012, according to the normative and legal acts database of the Republican Center of Legal Information of the RoK Justice Ministry.

People who inform law enforcement agencies about corruption crimes or in any means show cooperation in countering corruption will be encouraged in the form of a one-time money reward, read the rules.

According to the rules, a whistle blowing on a corruption violation within administrative cases will be rewarded with 30 Monthly Calculation Indexes - 48,540 tenge;

Minor corruption offence of criminal nature – 40 MCI – 64,720 tenge;

Corruption crime of average gravity – 50 MCI – 80,900 tenge;

Gross corruption crime – 70 MCI – 113,260 tenge;

Explicitly gross corruption crime – 100 MCI – 161,800 tenge.

Whistle blowing may also be rewarded with certificates and expressions of gratitude.

According to the document, rewards will be paid in expense of the republican budget.

The Government decree on adoption of procedures of encouraging people who communicate corruption crimes or in any other means show cooperation in countering corruption becomes effective upon ten calendar days after its first official publishing.

In case of refusal to receive one-time money reward a person who communicated the corruption crime or in any other means showed cooperation in countering corruption will submit a relevant application to a corruption countering agency.

September 4 2012, 12:22

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