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They died one month before "demobilization" from the army (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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By Lyazzat Karazhanova

Image 4On September 18, four servicemen of regular service drowned in Aktau during drills "Center-2015".

It occurred during drill operations of an episode "sea landing and blocking of base". Because of strong wind blasts and high waves 4 units of BTR-80 drowned. Two soldiers were from Atyrau Oblast: Asylzhan Makhambetov from Zhylyoi Distrct and Bagytzhan Kalybai from Baygetobe village of Makat Distrct.

Asylzhan was born in Kulsary in 1996.

- My son went to army in October of last year – it was only one month left before his returning home, - said his inconsolable father Makhambet Sisenov. – He was ambitious and cheerful young man. He dreamed to get a good job after the service in the army... I was told that the body of my son will be brought tonight.

19-year-old Bagytzhan Kalybai also left for service in the army in October of last year. He had a few weeks left before "demobilization". Before the service he graduated from the oil and gas college in the village of Dossor.

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