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"​Gallery play" or Continuation of "Caspian Sulfur Company” LLP dispute

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Image 0On September 8, 2015 near the buildings of the Justice Department and Prosecutor's Office of Atyrau Oblast T. Kizatova, the Chairman of the Public Association "Demos", made a public speech. She allegedly represents the interests of Caspian Sulfur Company LLP.

In this regard I should state her yet another action is a public slander and false informing for the purpose of causing damage to business reputation of the persons named in her speech, and also for the purpose of deception of law enforcement and government bodies.

At the moment I, S. K. Otarov, am the lawful single participant and the director of “Caspian Sulfur Company" LLP that I renamed to “Caspian Group Construction" LLP. This was made in strict observance of requirements of the RoK legislation, and in particular, of the norms of RoK Civil Code and the RoK Law “ On Associations with Limited and Additional Liability".

If publicly acting T. Kizatova considers that my actions violated her or someone else's legitimate rights and interests, then according to Art. 8 of RoK Civil Code she has the right to appeal to court and require to attach all proofs to the file.

However, understanding that all my actions are lawful, reasonable, it is not for the first time that the above mentioned madam creates noise, misleading the public, slinging mud even at heads of government bodies and the third parties who don't have any relation to this case.

I would like to remind that since 2008 we are protecting our rights and legitimate interests violated by illegal actions of those persons on behalf of them, T. Kizatova allegedly acts (see "To sling mud from far away not to execute the RoK law?", "Hysterical loss", "When you loose - you lie?", "It is time to put the end"). There are numerous judicial acts, including the act of the Supreme Court of RoK according to which our rights were restored in full.

During 7 years our opponents didn't execute the judicial acts which entered into force. And in this case we exercised our right provided by the RoK legislation, and the participant who violated our legitimate rights and interests was expelled from the structure of participants.

I also declare that I am ready to meet with the representatives of any law enforcement agencies and to provide all documents on unreasonable arguments of T. Kizatova, to explain all details of this long-term dispute. Considering that the purpose of her public accusatory statement are slander, false denunciation and deception of the public, law enforcement and government bodies, we will take appropriate measures provided by the RoK legislation.

S. K. Otarov, Director of Caspian Group Construction LLP

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September 9 2015, 11:07

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