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​Head of foreign labor attraction department sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

Image 0The former head of foreign labor attraction department of the Administration of employment coordination and social programs of Atyrau Oblast M. Azharbekov accused of taking a bribe and sentenced by court to 4 years of imprisonment.

According to materials of criminal case, the court established that the official took bribe in the amount of 777 thousand tenge for unhindered and timely issuance and extension of foreign labor work licenses from the representative of MNSK Sinopec Kazakhstan LLP. He was found guilty as per the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan - part 2 of Article 366 (bribe taking) and sentence for 4 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property, with a lifelong ban to hold positions in public service. He will serve his sentence in corrective colony of ordinary regime.

The sentence of court didn't enter into force yet.

September 7 2015, 11:24

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