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​Want to hold a peaceful rally

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Image 0Activists of "Civil Initiative" movement applied to Atyrau Mayor Nurlybek Ozhaev with the request to hold a peaceful meeting.

The application reads that purpose of the action is drawing attention of the public and government bodies to social, economic, environmental issues of Atyrau city and its inhabitants. "In particular, connected with tariff policy of natural monopolies, providers of utility services and with environmental pollution that affect people's health and atmosphere. We consider that solutions of above-named issues, as well as potential ones that are planned without participation of the public, are of half and not necessarily consider the interests of citizens", – reads the statement.

Initiators of the meeting are well-known activist Max Bokaev and the hero our recent publication Talgat Ayan, who arranged a single person picket in protest of increased water tariff as of August 1.

– As the activist with 12-years of experience I can say that now it's the time for the government to move towards society. During several years because of abundance of petrodollars any signals from the public were ignored, then, as ostriches, they started to bury their heads into the sand. But today's devaluation showed that the affairs are very bad, however there is still an opportunity to correct the situation and not to allow to give way to unacceptable scenarios, – says M. Bokayev.

The application has been registered on August 19, 2015 through e-gov portal of the electronic government. The meeting is scheduled to be held on September 20, 2015 on one of three squares of the city: Issatai and Makhambet Square, Dina Nurpeissova or Kurmangazy Squares.

August 21 2015, 12:34

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