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"​Why 6 million Americans would rather work part time", “US approves 'female Viagra' despite concerns over side effects”, “Leaving home for a last holiday in paradise”, “New Almaty deputy mayor appointed”,

1 437 просмотрs "Why 6 million Americans would rather work part time"- With jobs more plentiful these days, Matt Tait could easily find full-time work. But he wanted to focus on his wooden toy business and took a part-time gig at Team Detroit, Ford Motor's advertising agency. It's a win-win. Tait's boss is happy to have him because the 31-year-old graphic designer's outside activities make him more creative. And Tait has time to run Tait Design Co., which sells balsa airplanes and wooden yo-yos of his own design. Six million Americans like Tait are choosing to work part time, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. “US approves 'female Viagra' despite concerns over side effects"- A drug to treat low sexual desire in women has been approved by US health regulators, despite potentially serious side effects. These include low blood pressure, nausea and fainting, especially if taken with alcohol. “Leaving home for a last holiday in paradise" - German pensioners are settling abroad to turn their retired lives into an extended holiday. An impersonal society and low pensions have forced them to leave, they say, but is moving out of the country such a good option? “New Almaty deputy mayor appointed"- Yerlan Aukenov was named the new deputy mayor of the largest city in Kazakhstan - Almaty, the press service of the city's mayor said. Aukenov will be responsible for the industrial-innovative development and development of trade and small and medium enterprises, tourism and natural resources. He has replaced Erbol Shormanov.

August 19 2015, 10:06

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