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​Governor B. Izmukhambetov: "I'll deal with fish trap nets installed at the mouth of the river"

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Image 2By Saule Tasboulatova

On August 14, Governor of Atyrau Oblast Baktykozha Izmukhambetov reported before the local core group for three years of his work and the first half of 2015.


In his report he voiced the data of economic and social situation. According to the Governor in the last three years our region holds the 1st and 2nd places in the country on main indicators.

What are the issues that the local government considers unresolved and what it intends to undertake. In particular, they are the low tempo of development of Issatai, Makat, Kurmangazy Districts. We joined WTO, but where are the products that are capable to compete at the world level? In this regard the Governor charged his first deputy Gumar Duisembaev, as well as the heads of local administrations, city mayor and district governors "to carry out a specific work with each enterprise".

Many reproaches were addressed to the Mayor of the city Nurlybek Ozhaev: - 'Construction of some of the houses have been delayed because of irresponsibility of officials".


This year it is planned to allocate land plots in Akzhar, Damba, Birlik, Aksai, Zhuldyz-3, and Taskala-3 settlements, the utility systems have been installed there. The control over strict observance of the law on land allocation have been delegated to G. Duisembaev and district governors.

- In order to provide residential districts Nursaya, Kokarna, Kurmangazy and establishments in the southern direction of Atyrau with a stable electric power, in 2010 three additional transformers had to be connected, but they are still not connected. There use temporary electric power. The control over hooking-up and ensuring stable power supply of the southern part of the city prior to the beginning of heating season of 2015 will be delegated to Mayor Ozhaev and my deputy Nakpaev, - said the Governor.

The bridge over the Ural River in Makhambet village will be put in operation in 2016.

This year, compared to 2012 –it is expected to have an increase in number of school pupils by 11 thousand. During these years we built 79 pre-schools for 7 477 places, 9 schools for 2 988 places. One school and one boarding school for 70 places, plus 4 kindergartens will be built until the end of the year.

On unemployment. Akim noted that the suspension of some of the projects due to reduction if oil prices causes difficulties in labor market. Memorandums on preservation of workplaces have been developed jointly with the enterprises where 115 thousand people work in total. B. Izmukhambetov urged higher education institutions and colleges to study thoroughly the market, to establish close cooperation with "Atameken" Chamber of businessmen and employers. Nakpaev was entrusted to develop a comprehensive plan for providing the population with workplaces jointly with governors of districts and city mayor.

Questions to the Governor from “Ak Zhaik” newspaper:

- Have you managed to find out any information about fish trap nets installed at the mouth of the river?

- I read your article exactly a week ago, as you know, during these days I went to Inder District, then we opened a few investment projects, then I was preparing for this report … I admit that I didn't manage to find out yet. If I promise – I'll do it. I try to fulfill all my promises.

- Concerning the fence on the river embankment near the residence: have your position changed in connection with persistent demand of the public?

- That fence was built before I became the governor. When public started to criticize it, I opened the passage, but the result was bad: young people gathered there and every morning my people collected empty alcohol bottles there, there was disorder. You know the purpose of that residence, I once gave an explanation to that. Your question was if my position changed? No, it didn't change.

August 18 2015, 12:08

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