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“What are the benefits of EEU expansion for Kazakhstanis?”, “Working days of railway men to be reduced from Sept 1”, “Astana: Kazakhstan's high kitsch capital”, “Kazakh horses named the oldest domestic horse breed”

August 13 2015, 12:45 “What are the benefits of EEU expansion for Kazakhstanis?"- The customs control on the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan has been removed today within the framework of Kyrgyzstan accession to the EEU. Earlier, Armenia joined the union. The Customs Union has five members: Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. “Working days of railway men to be reduced from Sept 1"- The KTZh assures that these measures do not affect social policy. In order to prevent job losses the leadership of JSC "NC" KTZh" and the Central Board of the NGO "Kazakhstan Industry Workers' Union of railway, road, air and water transport" consider introduction of part-time work from September 1 this year, reports.“Astana: Kazakhstan's high kitsch capital" - The architecture of oil-rich autocracies always strikes the same note. If the 20th century taught us one thing about aesthetics, it is that authoritarians do not do architecture well. Encumbered by urgency, where history is something that requires construction, autocratic regimes continually show they lack the eye of their dynastic forebears, and majesty soon gives way to megalomania.“Kazakh horses named the oldest domestic horse breed” - Kazakh horses are the oldest of domestic breeds that continues to inhabit the territories of its original formation said a Russian scientist Leonid Gaiduchenko.Gaiduchenko believes domestic horses were originally brought to Kazakh steppes by the tribes that migrated from South-Eastern Europe.

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