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Atyrau model wins second place at Black Sea Pearl-2015 beauty contest

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Image 523-year-old model from Atyrau, a city in western Kazakhstan, Marianna Khadzhamova has hauled the second place at the Black Sea Pearl-2015 beauty contest held in Crimea.

Mariana Khadzhamova is Miss Atyrau-2009. The same year she represented her hometown at the Miss Kazakhstan pageant.

The Black Sea Pearl beauty pageant has been held for 19 years. The participants arrived in Sevastopol a few weeks before the contest. During this time, 15 beauties from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan were working hard to prepare for the final show in hopes to win the crown.

Svetlana Girya from Sevastopol won the beauty pageant.

"I liked the organization of the competition very much. We became very good friends with the girls, like one big family. We had five shows. Two of them were dancing shows and after that seven finalists were selected. I did not expect to be selected. I was very happy," Marianne Khadzhamova shared her impression.

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August 5 2015, 10:00

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