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TCO assisted Atyrau ​Center for Cardiology to purchase state-of-art equipment

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By Zulfiya Iskaliyeva

Image 0Atyrau regional cardiological center made an official presentation of new medical equipment purchased for the funds allocated by Tengizchevroil (TCO).

Deputy regional governor Gumar Duisembaev expressed his gratitude to TCO for continued support of local health care and noted that the company will take part in financing of cardiological center extension project. The constcution activities are already under way and it is expected that the new facility will conform to all international standards.

According to Tim Miller, the CEO of Tengizchevroil LLP, due to their cooperation with the regional department of health care, the company is aware of two acute needs of medicine of the region. They are the prevention and treatment of cardiac vascular diseases of adult population and children's hearing disorders. In November of last year Tengizchevroil allocated 4 million dollars for acquisition of medical equipment for children's regional hospital and cardiocenter.

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- Equipment installed in regional cardiocenter includes electrophysiological laboratory for intervention (surgical) treatment of heart rhythm disorders and performance of radio-frequency ablation (USA's St. Jude Medical firm's procedure). Electrophysiology is a new direction in cardiology and we are the 5th medical facility in Kazakhstan where similar operations are performed. Among other equipment supplied are a spiral 128-slice Phillips' computer tomography where it is possible to examine a patient with any pathology, video and endoscopic complex for carrying out cardiac operations (Germany's Karl Shtorts make), audiometric module and other diagnostic equipment. We selected all equipment ourselves, giving preference to well-known firms, - said the chief physician of cardiocenter Marat Konysov.

29 health workers of the regional and district hospitals went through training in Moscow and mastered new equipment.

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