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Construction of new GPP in W Kazakhstan to start in 2013

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Kazakh state oil and gas company “KazMunayGas” (KMG) has received state expertise's positive conclusion on the feasibility study of Gas Processing Plant in West Kazakhstan Oblast, said the Directorate of KMG Enterprises under Construction.

This project is being implemented by KMG and Italian ENI within a cooperation agreement signed on November 5, 2009.
Following ENI’s request, Tehnomare conducted engineering design and Kazakhstan design company KING completed part of the design as Tehnomare’s subcontractor.

The project was managed by Directorate of KMG Enterprises under Construction - a 100% subsidiary of "KazMunaiGas" national company. Eni company finances the process of working out the feasibility study.

The next stage is to develop the design estimate, scheduled for 2013-2014. It is expected that Kazakh design organizations will actively participate during the design engineering stage. The design companies will be selected by late January 2013.

A gas processing plant with a capacity of 5 billion cubic meters will process hydrocarbon gas produced at the Karachaganak field.

The gas processing plant construction project aims to extract tank gas for Kazakh consumers and increase security of gas supply from its own sources, as well as to provide Kazakh northern and central regions with tank gas, including Astana and the ability to sell gas on the international market.

The expected term of the first phase of construction operations is 2014-2019, the second phase -2021-2023.

KazMunayGas is the Kazakh national operator for hydrocarbon exploration, production, processing and transportation. The state owns 100-percent shares of the company.


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