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Final Deal Between Iran, P5+1 Removes All Sanctions

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Image 0Sergei Lavrov said that the final agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group removes all anti-Tehran sanctions, as well as gives the Islamic Republic the right to peaceful atom.

The Russian minister also said that the document on Iran's nuclear program takes into account Moscow's proposals on gradual and mutual realization of the agreement.

"The final agreement fully achieves the goal that is in accordance with Russia's political vision, which envisages recognizing Iran's right for peaceful nuclear activity, including the right for enriched uranium under the IAEA control, while clarifying all the remaining issues and lifting all sanctions from Iran," Lavrov said.

Tehran and the P5+1 group of international mediators reached a compromise on the lifting of Iran arms embargo, with the deliveries to resume within five years, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

The minister pointed out that the deliveries in this period were possible with the UN Security Council verification.

"As for the arms embargo, together with China we have urged for its lifting as one of the first measures that should be stopped. As a result, our Iranian colleagues — they had the last word in this matter, as you understand — agreed to compromise, and since the West initially insisted on the 8-10-year embargo, the Iranian side and the West reached a compromise, that we and China supported, and it suited Iran — five years," Lavrov said.

"A comprehensive action plan on the main document and five specific proposals has been agreed and a UN Security Council resolution project has been agreed too, which all participants of the talks will present as co-authors in New York in the next few days to be considered by the UNSC and to be voted on."

Russia will actively participate in reprofiling Iran's Fordo nuclear facility and the removal of uranium from the country, Sergei Lavrov said.

"Russia will actively participate in the practical activity aimed at the realization of the agreements. It concerns two points directly mentioned in the documents, namely the removal of low-enriched uranium to the Russian Federation in exchange for the delivery to Iran of natural uranium, and it also concerns the reprofiling of the Fordo former enrichment facility as an isotope production facility for medicinal and industrial purposes."

The IAEA will take on new monitoring functions with Russia on Iran's nuclear program; a new joint commission for control over Iran's adherence to the agreement will be created, Lavrov added.

Lavrov said that the agreement on Iran's nuclear program would have a positive impact on the situation in the Middle East.

Earlier it was reported that Iran and the P5+1 Group had come to a final agreement on Tehran's nuclear program after over two weeks of strenuous talks.

The agreement envisages that the UN arms embargo against Iran will remain for another five years. US missile sanctions will stay intact for another eight years. In compliance with a "snapback" plan, sanctions may be renewed within 65 days if Iran violates the agreement.

Source: sputniknews

July 14 2015, 16:08

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