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‘Communist crucifix’ gift to pope in Bolivia raises eyebrows

July 10 2015, 12:56

Image 0Pope Francis in Bolivia on his South American tour looked somewhat bemused when his host President Evo Morales handed him an unusual gift : a wooden hammer and sickle crucifix.

It's a classic symbol of communism frequently worn by a Jesuit priest Francis paid respects to.

Around two million people packed into Christ the Redeemer Square in Santa Cruz and beyond to hear the pope's open-air address.

His central message: helping the poor and not judging people by what they can produce.

He said consumerism includes a logic in which everything becomes an object that can be consumed and negotiated. He says that excludes people, but the contrary is necessary for a fulfilling life.

Francis said: “A memorable life needs [the participation] of others."

The pope's main event of the day was a keynote speech to a summit of grass-roots groups.

Francis leaves on Friday for Paraguay, the last stop on what has been called his homecoming tour.

Source: euronews

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