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​“We are the children of the Great Steppe” – new brand of Kazakhstan

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Image 0Kazakhstan should show a new brand to the world says Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

We must show the world a new Kazakhstan under the new brand, said President Nursultan Nazarbayev during a national teleconference on the Industrialization Day, BNews.kzreports.

"Japan is the land of the rising sun. Korea is the land of the morning calm. Netherlands is the land of tulips. China is Celestial Empire. All this is not enough for us. Kazakhstan is the land of great steppe. Great Steppe, the eternal blue sky ... The color of our flag was born from the great green steppe and blue colors of the sky, I came up with. The uniform light signifies the unity of the country. We are children of the great steppe, we are not just nomads. We must show the world a new Kazakhstan under these slogans, under the new brand. To this end, I proposed the idea of industrialization, a new economic policy, and the five industrial reforms. All this is done for Kazakhstan youth, who should light up by this idea," said Head of State.

July 3 2015, 11:56

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