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Protesters detained in Armenia’s Gyumri

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Image 0Nearly 240 people were arrested in Armenia's second largest city of Gyumri during the protests against the electricity price hike, the agency reported June 23.

The participants of a peaceful demonstration were taken to a police office.

Their detention was explained by that the demonstrators parked their cars in the wrong place and blocked traffic.

The sit-in demonstration was held at the Theatre Square of Gyumri.

Young people blocked the Sayat-Nova Street. Water cannons were also used there, as in Yerevan.Earlier on June 23, the Armenian police broke up a rally in the center of the country's capital. The rally was held in protest against the increase in the electricity tariffs.

Powerful jets of water cannons pushed the protesters to the Marshal Baghramyan Avenue towards the Opera Theatre in Yerevan.

About 240 people were taken to the police stations. Seven protesters requested medial aid, and three other people were taken to hospitals.

Journalists were arrested among others after the violent crackdown on the protesters in Yerevan.

The Armenian media outlets said the journalists of the Gala TV, the Radio Liberty's Armenian office, the Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper, the Hetq,, news agencies were taken to various police stations.

On June 17, Armenia's Public Services Regulatory Commission, considering a request from the distribution company, Electric Networks of Armenia, which is a subsidiary of the Inter RAO UES, raised the electricity tariffs by 6.93 Armenian drams (about $0.015).

This caused discontent among the population, who believes that the rise in the cost of electricity will lead to higher prices for essential goods and many services.


June 23 2015, 15:00

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