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​Ill-fated week of Englishman in Atyrau

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By Laura Suleimenova

Image 0Specialized administrative court of Atyrau fined the citizen of Great Britain Coy Gavin Paul who was illegally working at the Kashagan project.

- As the citizen of United Kingdom, he entered the territory of Kazakhstan on April 15, 2015 through Atyrau Airport check point and was registered in the book of temporary visitors from overseas in the Internal Affairs Department of Atyrau. According to his work visa, he earlier worked according to the permit for attraction of foreign labor in Kazakhstan (with validity period from April 23, 2014 to April 23, 2015). However, during audit it was established that Coy Gavin Paul after expiration of his work visa and work permit before obtaining new permission and work visa worked during the interval from April 23, 2015 to April 30, 2015 illegally, - informed the press secretary of regional court Boranbai Galiev.

Coy Gavin Paul was found guilty of committing an administrative offense provided by part 5 of Article 517 of the RoK Administrative Code and was fined for 49 550 tenge (25 MRP).

To recall, Coy Gavin Paul worked at the Kashagan project in the branch of BMT ARGOS BV - the contract company of NCOC that specialize in meteorological services.

Unscheduled audit conducted by State Labour Inspection from May 6 to June 9, 2015 established that BMT ARGOS BV branch repeatedly attracted technical specialists from overseas without obtaining work permits and work visas.

Foreign workers upon arrival to Atyrau, first, were issued business visas (without the right for permanent job). Meanwhile, expats were working in Atyrau office of BMT ARGOS BV on a permanent basis, that was confirmed by time sheets with the description in English of the type of work done.

Additionally, the inspection informed that there was a big difference in salaries of BMT ARGOS BV expat and its local Kazakhstan employees.

For example, average monthly salary of expats on the position of “chief technical specialist" in 2014 was 1,6 million tenge, and Kazak engineers on similar positions earned 400 thousand tenge.

June 22 2015, 15:42

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