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​Large-scale corruption probe into activity of Astana EXPO-2017' NC launched

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Image 2President released Talgat Yermegiyayev from post of head of 'Astana EXPO-2017' NC and appointed Mayor of Astana Adilbek Dzhaksybekov as chairman of the board of JSC "National Company" Astana EXPO-2017", the press service of the President reported.

In “Astana Expo – 2017" national company a large-scale probe within anti-corruption legislation has been launched, the source familiar with the matter reports from Astana.

“Large-scale audit on the use of budgetary funds, and attracted money of investors for construction activates started in "Astana Expo".

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As we reported earlier, the former director of construction department of "Astana Expo - 2017" Kazhymurat Usenov has been detained in Astana and placed under house arrest.

Source: On photo 1: Kazhymurat Usenov, on photo 2: Talgat Yermegiyayev

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

June 12 2015, 11:35

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