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​New Tengri Casino Resort Planned in Kazakhstan

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Image 0On June 5th 2015, it was announced that Big Lifestyle and Development will be the exclusive sales and marketing partner for the new casino resort that is being built along the Silk Road in Kazakhstan.

In the Almaty region, the Tengri Resort is being developed, which will be an all season resort. The resort will contain hotels, residences, casinos, golf courses, shopping, horse racing and a Silk Road entertainment park and a marina.
Not only that there will also be an educational, medical, convention and logistics development.

The area that the resort is being built on is 16,000 square acres. On one side there is an 87 mile long lake and on the other side there is the new superhighway and a high-speed rail being built that will stretch from Beijing toAmsterdam, which is for the Silk Road project. Also there is a new international airport being built, which is funded by the Chinese government.

Big Lifestyle said that the developer has exclusive gaming allowance in the area and it is expected that there will be several integrated resorts. These resorts will then be the only legal gambling areas in an 1800 mile radius.

The Marine Silk Road Bank is funding the New Silk Road projects for the intercontinental land routes and maritime. The bank has a $50 billion infrastructure, which is focused on the construction of ports, roads, railways and airports across Central and South Asia.


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