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​Father of Boston bomber's friend: “Our lawyers will appeal the sentence”

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By Ainur Saparova

Image 0The sentence has been imposed against the citizen of Atyrau Azamat Tazhayakov. The U.S. jury found the 21-year-old Dartmouth university student guilty of obstructing the investigation of the Boston terrorist attack sentenced to imprison him for 3,5 years.

Ak Zhaik editorial office contacted over the phone his father Amir Simagulov, who is now in Boston.

- "We are sad that he got prison term", says Amir Ismagulov. "Lawyers are currently preparing the appeal, but not to the sentence itself, but to the article of accusation. The court at the beginning decided that the thrown away Tsarnaev's bag is not a direct evidence and does not contain any secretive information. Then it was unclear why they court considered the case about destroying of evidence, i.e. they used the article that relates to destroying of financial documents on information carriers."

-As we understand 2 years and 1 month that your son spent in prison will be set off…

-Yes, more over according to USA laws, those who spent their term in federal prison will get another 15% set off. So, we calculated that Azamat should spend 10 months in prison.

-Where will he spend his term?

- In USA there are three prison regimes – maximum, medium and light. The judge said that he will ask the jugde's bureau to give Azamat the light regime.

This week, the verdict was handed down in relation to the second student from Kazakhstan. Dias Kadyrbayev was sentenced to six years in prison.

June 8 2015, 10:59

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