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“Kazakhstan's 100 steps: what changes to expect", “Is this the most ambitious luxury home ever?",

1 207 просмотрs “Kazakhstan's 100 steps: what changes to expect" - What is encouraging about the ambitious 100 steps is that majority of them relate one way or another to business. To be more specific, the editors of Market Eyesight have found 60 out of 100 measures aimed at creation of new mechanisms or institutions reforming the way of doing business in Kazakhstan. First, a number of measures are to be implemented within the judicial system, such as increasing the professional, ethical, and accountability standards of judges, audio recording of all judicial proceedings, introducing a new investment dispute resolution procedure, further development of the institution of private executors.

Image 0 “Is this the most ambitious luxury home ever?" - There's already a 3D-printed house being built in the Netherlands. In China, 3D-printed mansions are reportedly on the rise. Now, a 3D printed estate featuring a swimming pool, jacuzzi, car port and 2,400 square foot house could be coming to a sleepy plot of land in upstate New York. The ambitious project is being undertaken by New York City architect Adam Kushner, alongside partners including 3D-printing pioneer Enrico Dini and his D-Shape firm, CNN reports.“Why Lindsey Graham compares Hillary Clinton to Kim Jong-un"- Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized Hillary Clinton for not talking about her foreign policy record on Iraq, Islamic State, and Iran. Why she's reluctant to go there. When it comes to foreign policy, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is arguably the most experienced candidate among all of the 2016 presidential contenders, Republican or Democrat. She's also the most vulnerable. That helps explain why newly minted Republican contender and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is taking verbal shots at Mrs. Clinton. “[I]t's easier to talk to Kim Jong-un than it is to her," he told the New Hampshire Union Leader Tuesday, adding that Clinton is “making a fatal mistake of trying to insulate herself." “German anti-Islam movement seeks electoral anchor as rallies dwindle" - Germany's anti-Islam PEGIDA movement, whose weekly demonstrations have steadily dwindled, has its sights set on gaining a political foothold when its eastern stronghold city of Dresden goes to the polls Sunday, AFP reports.

June 5 2015, 12:09

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