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​Unified National Testing: First day results

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Image 0The average score of the first day of the Unified National Testing made 79.7 points, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan informs.

The press release on the process of the Unified National Testing reads that 18889 school leavers took part in the testing in 48 localities during the first day of testing.

27 examinees were not allowed to complete their tests because of violations. 3727 mobile phones, 3894 cheat noted, 83 calculators, 3 cameras, 5 radios, 12 routers and 1 modem were withdrawn. In total, 7725 items, which are not allowed, were attempted to be taken for the use during the testing.

3478 school leavers did not score the minimum points level - 59, or 18.4 percent.

Gulnaz Yerdosova from Taraz city was the only one to have scored 125 points. 3409 test takers scored over 100 points.


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