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​Kazakhstan opposes politicization of cooperation in the Caspian Sea, view

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Image 0Majilis deputies took part in the panel session devoted to the topical issues of the Caspian transit corridor.

The roundtable was held in the framework of the Astana Economic Forum.

The session was organized by the Majilis of the Parliament, the International Turkic Academy and the Caspian Strategic Institute. Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security of the Majilis Maulen Ashimbayev opened the discussion.

According to his words, Kazakhstan may be considered as one of the key elements of the Eurasian transport communications. At the same time one of the most important projects for Kazakhstan is the development of transport corridor North-South which connects the Persian Gulf with the coast of the Baltic Sea. The recently launched railway line connecting Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran plays the key role in the Eurasian transport communications.

Mr.Ashimbayev stressed that it opens up tremendous opportunities for Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran.
Chairman of Majilis Committee also stressed that our country opposes politicization of cooperation in the Caspian Sea.
In conclusion M.Ashimbayev expressed hope that the Caspian region will be the territory of friendship, partnership and prosperity.

The panel session was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Transport Ministry for Investment and Development K.Nurkenov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan M.Akmyradov and Ambassador of Iran in Kazakhstan M.Damirchilu, the member of the Council of Elders of the Turkic Council A. Akhmetov, the Secretary General of the Caspian Strategic Institute H.Yavash, and the Deputy Director-General of Baku International Trade Port V.Aliyev.


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