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“Soros: US on the Brink of World War III With China”, “Flashback 2008: Hillary Responds To Questions About Uranium Deal In Kazakhstan”, “Changing Realities in Kazakhstan”, "Rare antelope die-off recorded in another region of Kazakhstan"

1 525 просмотрs “Soros: US on the Brink of World War III With China" - Billionaire investor George Soros said the health of the Chinese economy has him concerned about the possibility of another world war. Military spending is on the rise in China, where there is an effort to transition to a domestic-demand-led economy from exports, Soros said at the Bretton Woods conference at the World Bank. “Flashback 2008: Hillary Responds To Questions About Uranium Deal In Kazakhstan" - Hillary may be avoiding questions from the media now, but back in 2008 she responded to questions about a uranium mining deal and its connection to her husband and the Clinton Foundation. It's a story that has circulated again since the publication of Breitbart Sr. Editor-at-LargePeter Schweizer's book, Clinton Cash. In September 2005, Bill Clinton flew to Kazakhstanon a private jet owned by Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra. While in Kazakhstan, former President Clinton praised the country's autocratic President for his commitment to reforms just three months before an election. Then, one day after Clinton and Giustra left Kazakhstan, Giusta's company signed a uranium mining agreement which would soon be worth billions. A few months later, Giustra donated $31 million to the Clinton Foundation. “Changing Realities in Kazakhstan" - A recent report makes clear just how much the situation surrounding Kazakhstan has changed. A few days ago, Catherine Putz ably summed up a recent International Crisis Group report on the current state of political affairs in Kazakhstan. While she examined the role Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev played in centering the nation's body politic, the report also offered a nice look at some tangential realities with which Kazakhstan is currently dealing. "Rare antelope die-off recorded in another region of Kazakhstan" - About 1,000 saiga antelopes found dead in Akmola region, the Department of Emergency Situations of the region said Friday. As of May 22, about 1,000 dead saiga were found on the territory of Zharkain and Zhaksyn districts. The mass die-off of saiga has started in the spring 2015 in neighboring Kostanay region where about 30,000 antelopes have died as of today. The preliminary cause of die-off is pasteurellosis.

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