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New Suspect in Murder of Russian Opposition Politician Nemtsov

May 22 2015, 10:22

Image 0Another suspect in the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has been found, the Russian Kommersant newspaper reported Friday.

On February 27, Nemtsov, who was a prominent opposition figure in Russia, was fatally shot in central Moscow. Five persons were detained on suspicion of involvement in the murder and put under arrest a week after the tragedy. The investigation is currently underway.

Ruslan Muhadinov is a new suspect in the murder of Nemtsov, Kommersant reported, citing the prosecution.

It was found out that it was Muhadinov who used the car in Moscow from which Nemtsov had been shot and killed.

So far, the prosecution has failed to contact and question Muhadinov, according to the newspaper.

Earlier, Ruslan Geremeev, the key witness in Nemtsov's murder case, was considered to be behind the contract killing of the politician, because the car, from which Nemtsov had been shot, allegedly belonged to Geremeev.

In April, Geremeev suddenly left Russia. Officially, his whereabouts are unknown, but according to some reports, he is now residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Source: sputniknews

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