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​Fish swam into canal to die

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By Zulfia Bainekeeva

Image 2Mass fish death registered in At Otkel canal located in Kurmangazy District. The reason of death is the same as it was with recent mass fish death at Shmanozek channel located on the territory of Ak Zhaik wildlife reserve - lack of oxygen.

The situation was commented by the head of forestry and fauna inspection of Atyrau Oblast Murat Ermekkaliev:

- It happened on May 12. Water level in Kigach feeding channels rose, and water overflowed into almost dry At Otkel canal carrying along fish. The channel very soon became shallow: water soaked into soil and evaporated from the surface. We believe, fish died because of lack of water and oxygen starvation.

According to Ermekkaliev, samples of water and fish have been taken for examination and they are expecting results. He also appointed functional audit check:

- Our inspectors didn't take timely measures for cleaning channel from dead fish. They for 5 days didn't perform their direct responsibilities and as the result this incident found a big resonance. Those found responsible will be taken to task.

To-date the channel has been cleaned. According to estimates of forestry and fauna inspection, over 21 thousand small ordinary fish (about 2,5 tons) died in the channel.

Photos were sent by our reader.

May 22 2015, 10:02

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