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Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, ​Sberbank Russia implement joint projects to expand Atyrau port

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Zeena Urynbassarova

Image 0Kazakhstan railway company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and the Russian Sberbank inked deal on implementing joint project for expansion of Atyrau river port, said German Gref, Chairman of Sberbank, at the Astana Economic Forum informs

"We agreed to launch collaborative projects in the near future to expand the Atyrau port for more than $200 million," said Gref.

The Sberbank Chairman praised the cooperation between the bank and the KTZ.

"The KTZ is our closest partner and one of the best customers. All projects under the KTZ are implemented on time," he emphasized.

The head of the bank approved the policy of the National Bank on gradual transition to inflation targeting and a floating exchange rate.

May 21 2015, 15:36

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