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New Year Gift from National Bank of KZ

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On the eve of New Year the Kazakhstan Mint has coined, and the RoK National Bank issued  “Sultan Beibars” proof quality jubilee silver coins from “Great Soldiers” series, ”The White Stork” from “Endangered and Rare Species of Animals” series of coins with the nominal value of 100 tenge, has advised today A. Bissengalieva, the chief economist of the Atyrau branch of National Bank. The method used for coinage is tampon printing and coins have gold inclusions.

Also the series of silver coins called “Petroglyphs of Tamgaly” from a series “TheHeritage of the Republic” and the coin dedicated to the 20th anniversary of signing the Collective Security Treaty and the 10th anniversary of CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization). Both coins are of proof quality with the nominal value of 500 tenge.

“Sultan Beibars” coins are round, 925/1000 silver, with a mintage of 15 000 pcs.

”The White Stork” coins have unusual shape. They are oval. The maximum mintage is 15 000 pcs.

“Sultan Beibars” and ”The White Stork” coins are made in accordance with the agreement for issue and sale of coins between the RoK National Bank, the Mint of Poland and the Mint of Kazakhstan. According to the document the Mint of Poland buys the coins from the National Bank for further distribution and sale outside of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has reserved for sale in the internal market 5 000 pieces of each series. The coins have been issued within the framework of International programme for issuing and sale of precious metal collectors' coins of the counties of the Eurasian Economic Community(EurAzES).

The tetrahedral (four-sided) shape of the “Petroglyphs of Tamgaly” coins are also unusual. The 925/1000 silver coins with inclusion of gold have identical images on both sides. The mintage is 5 000 pcs.

EurAzES coin reminds the dates f our history: the 20th anniversary of signing the Collective Security Treaty and the 10th anniversary of CSTO. Coins are 925/1000 silver with the mintage of 2 000 pcs.   



The silver coins are for sale at the Atyrau branch of the National Bank of Kazakhstan. Bank address:2A Valikhanov Street. Tel: 32-22-09, 32-84-95. 

By Zeena Urynbassarova

December 26 2012, 18:06

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