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​Two babies died in Kazakhstan's Uralsk after botched treatment of wise-woman – prosecutor

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Image 0Two infants died after botched treatment of local wise-woman in Uralsk, the authorities launched probes, according to the Moi Gorod news service.

Senior Assistant Attorney of Uralsk Almagul Ismagulova said one of the victims was a 7-month-old baby who died on October 15, 2014. He was taken to the regional children's hospital in critical condition, the doctors of intensive care unit could not do anything.

The investigation revealed that the mother of the dead baby applied a mustard powder on a coughing baby and kept the powder for 7.5 hours as the local wise-woman Granny Nina suggested. As a result of a high temperature, the baby got severely overheated and died in the hospital.

The second victim was a child born in 2015. In March 2015, wise-woman Granny Nina put a plaster on a child's stomach and told the mother not to remove it for 10 days. On April 4, the baby was hospitalized in critical condition and died in the intensive care unit.

The Uralsk prosecutor's office said that the parents of dead babies were young. Both victims of botched treatment were firstborns.

A criminal probe into “carrying out a medical activity without a certificate or license" was launched.

Source: moi gorod portal

May 13 2015, 11:06

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