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​"We put up umbrella over old veteran's head"

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Image 0The photo of a deputy governor of Atyrau Oblast Salimzhan Nakpaev, who was carefully protected by umbrella by his assistant next to the hunched aksakal (respected elder person) – the war veteran, standing in the pouring rain immediately went viral in social networks and mass media and underwent heated discussion.

The event took place on eve of Victory Day what strengthened the expression of the photo, remarkable from the point of view of its visual contrast. The official underwent a severe criticism from the social network users.

We approached Nakpaev's assistant Aset Umbetov who, by the way, was the person holing that umbrella over the head his chief, with the request to his management to comment on the photo.

Nakpayev immediately invited local journalists and gave a short interview about it.

- The event took place in the city of Kulsary on May 6, during the opening of a stella dedicated to Victory Day, - said Nakpaev. – I travelled there on the task give by the Governor, made a short speech on the occasion of the stella opening. After my speech the local Governor took the floor. Suddenly it started to rain and my assistant opened umbrella above my head. When I noticed the umbrella, I asked my assistant to get in the middle between me and the veteran. From that moment until the end of the event the old man stood under the umbrella. That photo was taken right at the beginning when my assistant approached, but we have the video of the event … It doesn't matter, me or any other person, we all have respect for old people. I don't think that we are considered so hard-hearted people.

It became known that the photo was taken by the local journalist and posted on social network, but no evil intentions were behind the action.

- This is her right - to post it or not to post the photo, I am not going to make any claims against her, - said Nakpaev.

By the way, Nakpaev said that he is not registered in any social networks because he simply has no time for that.

May 8 2015, 15:51

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