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​Pipeline owner was fined, but thieves are wanted

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Image 0Based on the fact of oil leak on the 81st kilometer of Martyshi-Atyrau oil pipeline (see "Oil on tap") the Western branch of KazTransOil has been fined.

To recall, on Jan 16, the police forces of Makhambet District Department of Internal Affairs found a major oil spill on the border of Atyrau, on the 81st kilometer of the oil pipeline of the Martyshy oil field.

Unknown malefactors performed an unauthorized tap-in onto a pipeline", i.e. they were stealing oil, but then ran away and left the tap open. Oil leak was liquidated by KazTransOil ANU forces.

According to report of survey conducted by the ecologists, they identified on the spot 6 oil slicks on the ground one on the water surface of Chyornaya River. Oil slick discovered on the surface of the ice was 30 meters long, 15 wide and 1 cm thick. The total are of polluted soil made 18,7 cubic meters.

On the inspection drawing it was shown that on the spot of illegal tapping to oil pipeline there was a ball valve. It is possible to assume that oil on this spot was stolen repeatedly.

The press release issued by the nature protection prosecutor's office reads that the Western branch of KazTransOil didn't promptly report about oil leak that led to violation of the ecological legislation.

Based on instruction of nature protection prosecutor's office the department of ecology issued the decree on compensation of damage according to Article 324, part 1 the RoK Administrative Code ("Violation of ecological and sanitary and epidemic requirements for environmental protection") in the amount of 1 million 189 thousand 200 tenge; according to Article 337, chapter 2 of the RoK Administrative Code ("Pollution of the soil") – in the amount of 396 thousand 400 tenge; according to Article 327 of the RoK Administrative Code ("Failure to report about emissions or leakages of the polluting substances") the fine in the amount of 49 550 tenge has been imposed on the official who was responsible for violation.. Earlier it was reported that criminal case as per Article 188, part 4 of the Criminal Code of Kazkahstan (“Theft made by criminal group from oil and gas pipeline in especially large volumes") has been imitated. According to the head of press service of Internal Affairs Deprtment Gulnazira Mukhtarova, "at the moment the criminal case has been suspended due to failure to establish the persons who are involved in the theft". However operational search activities for disclosure of this crime are ongoing".
May 8 2015, 15:17

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